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After meeting with Dr. Freedman for your initial consultation and evaluation, you will get a sense of the uniqueness of his approach. He prides himself on his succinct insight into urologic symptoms/disease and how these relate to the function of the body as a whole. The doctor takes the time to listen carefully; and provide patients with a clear understanding of the nature of their symptoms, whether they pose a minor or more serious health risk. Whenever possible, he will get to the underlying basis for your urologic complaints, rather than treat or mask the symptoms with medications. Surgery is neither a first nor last resort; it is recommended when Dr. Freedman clearly feels it can make a difference. Dr. Freedman’s approach is honest, straightforward and interactive. He will not “make up” a diagnosis or recommend a test or treatment when he feels you are fine. He strongly believes that you are the most important partner in your own health care, and will not promise that which he cannot deliver. He is serious in his commitment to helping each and every patient; while at the same time maintaining a sense of perspective and subtle wit. His wealth of experience and practical approach will put you at ease and give you confidence that you have chosen the right specialist.

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