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Patient Resources and Urologist Evaluation

Upon the first visit with Dr. Freedman, each new patient will be asked about his or her medical history and a detailed physical examination will be performed. To prepare for this visit, we ask that you obtain any relevant records/test results from your primary doctor or other specialist as well as a list of your medications, allergies, and past medical illnesses and surgeries. For some patients, Dr. Freedman may need further diagnostic tests to assist him making the best possible recommendation for treatment. Not all urologic disorders or symptoms are immediately diagnosed. At times, Dr. Freedman may find it necessary to follow your condition over time; or refer you to another specialist he trusts can better treat your condition.

If Surgery is Required

Dr. Freedman has performed many thousands of urologic procedures. These range from in-office vasectomies and prostate biopsies to such complex surgeries as radical prostatectomy and bladder removal with creation of an “intestinal” bladder. Gentle hands, proven surgical skills and keen intra-operative judgment enable him to give patients the reassurance they want from a surgeon. Safety is always the first consideration with every surgical patient, and begins before the operation. Patients of a particular age or with significant
pre-existing health problems may be required to obtain preoperative “medical clearance” from their Family Doctor, Internist or Cardiologist. Dr. Freedman will plan surgery in the least invasive way to help minimize post-operative recovery time and discomfort. He will listen to your surgical treatment preferences, while guiding you toward the best possible decision. His surgical practice has bridged older, established techniques with newer modalities of treatment. Newer, however, is not necessarily better. The doctor will always share his truthful opinion with you on these matters.

Patient Forms

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